Short term postdoc position open at SFSU

15 Oct

The CoDE Lab

Come join us in San Francisco!

NIH / NSF funded postdoc position at San Francisco State University to work with Dr Pleuni Pennings in the CoDE Lab.

We are looking for a postdoc who can work on two different projects on viral evolution. One project is in collaboration with Dr Zandrea Ambrose and Dr Philana Lin from the University of Pittsburgh. The other project is in collaboration with Dr Adi Stern in Tel Aviv.

Both of the grants are nearing their end, which is why we are advertising only a short term opportunity (1 year of funding). This is a great opportunity though because there is great data available and there is a possibility of writing / contributing to two papers.

Preferred qualifications:

I am looking for someone with experience and interest in several of the following domains: evolution, virology, bioinformatics (next-gen sequencing data) and statistics. If you are interested…

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