New video: COVID19 in numbers: R0, the case fatality rate and why we need to flatten the curve

11 Mar

Pleuni Pennings, Senay Yitbarek and Brandon Ogbunu are asking all mayor and presidents to help reduce R0 for the SARS-CoV2 / COVID19 outbreak by canceling events and washing your hands.

Brandon Ogbunu (Brown University),  Senay Yitbarek (UC Berkeley) and I (Pleuni Pennings, SFSU) made a video about the two numbers most often used to describe the new coronavirus outbreak: R0 and the case fatality rate. We also talk about why we should and how we can “flatten the curve.”

Feel free to share, use as homework assignment, show in the classroom! Ideal for college level biology and calculus classes.


Translations kindly contributed by the following people:

Dutch translation by Alex Verkade.
Spanish translation by Berenice Chavez and Cecilia Hernandez.
Portuguese translation by Murillo Rodrigues and Luiza Ostrowski.

The video is also on YouTube:

Download the slides here: COVID19_FlatteningTheCurveSlidesMarch172020

3 Responses to “New video: COVID19 in numbers: R0, the case fatality rate and why we need to flatten the curve”

  1. Petra Gros March 11, 2020 at 1:00 pm #

    Thank you for the great video and the clear explanation! I’ve shared it on LinkedIn and hope that many will see it who up to now don’t take Covid19 serious.


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