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World AIDS Day at SF State

2 Dec

Yesterday it was the 1st of December, and I almost forgot that it was world AIDS day! However walking around on the campus of SF State University (where I work) reminded me of the day it as. On the central lawn of the campus red and blue flags were planted in the shape of an aids ribbon. Surrounding the lawn along the path, there were white labels with names of people who died of AIDS. Some of these people were students or staff of SF State University. Others were well known people, such as Nelson Mandela’s son, Makgatho Mandela. In addition, in the student union the SF State AIDS memorial quilt is on display, with names of people from SF State who died of AIDS. The sign next to the quilt explains that Cleve Jones, who started the AIDS quilt was also an SF State student.

Finally, the university health services offered HIV testing yesterday. Testing is extremely important, because many people in the US do not know they are infected with HIV and these people may unknowingly infect others. If you’re looking for a place to get tested in San Francisco, check out the website of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

I attach some pictures to this blog.

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