The magic 8 ball in Python

28 Feb

When different people go into computer science, different tools will be built!

Maybe you have heard of the Tampon Run game? Tampon Run is a game that was built by two teenage girls who learned coding in a summer program. Obviously, you are more likely to get computer games about tampons when women or girls build games then when men build games! This is just one reason why we need more diversity in computer science.

In my Intro to Programming class last semester, students could make a video as a final project. Natasha Crawford, Destinee Lanns and Niquo Ceberio are Master’s students in the Biology Department at SFSU. As their final project, they made a video about a a computer program that works like a Magic 8 Ball. They ask: “Will my boyfriend propose to me?”


Niquo told me that she got the idea for the Magic 8 Ball program from her mom who used to have a Magic 8 Ball a long time ago. Now she can use the Python version!

In the video, Niquo, Destinee and Natasha first explain how to use the Python Magic 8 Ball. Then they go on to explain how they use strings and functions in the program.

I love love love how they created this program and made a video about it. They connected the CS class to things that are important or fun to them and with an audience in mind that is probably young and female.

I hope you enjoy the video and share it with a budding coder in your world.

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