How you can help the Clinton campaign from California and why you should

15 Oct


I would like to convince you to join me in helping the Clinton campaign.

Why help the campaign?

First of all: does the campaign still need help? It seems like a sure win at this point!

1. Things can change quickly. Chances of Trump winning are small, but if it does happen it would be a major disaster for the country and the world, so I want to do my part to prevent it.

2. The senate is not a sure win, and right next door, in Nevada, is one of the tightest races for a senate seat. A democratic majority in the senate is within reach and would make a huge difference.

What to do?

For the longest time, I didn’t realize how I could help the Clinton campaign. Now I do, and I thought I share it with you!

1. Send money.

2. Volunteer for a two hour shift at one of the SF phone banks.

3. Drive or fly to Nevada (Reno or Las Vegas) in one of the next weekends to get out the vote right where it matters most.

To sign up for a phone bank or to go to Nevada, go to:

Is it hard?

I did a two-hour shift at the phone bank last week and it was easy. I was calling people who were known Hillary supporters to ask if they wanted to go to Nevada to get out the vote. It was a simple question with a simple yes/no answer. I was not supposed to try and convince people of something they didn’t want.

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