Breaking the glass ceiling with a mandolin

5 May

This weekend my husband and I went to see a show of the bluegrass band Della Mae.
This band consists of five amazingly talented and inspiring young musicians, singers and songwriters. Their previous album was nominated for a Grammy award and Rolling Stone says they are among 10 new bands you should know in 2015.

It was so much fun to go out and hear them play!

What’s special about this bluegrass band is that it is an all-female band.

(In addition, for me, personally, what is special is that two of the members of this band were my teachers when I lived in Cambridge, Mass. I was learning to play honky-tonk music. Such a fun class!)

Only men play the banjo?

As scientists, we may sometimes think we are the only ones fighting against sexism and trying to break glass ceilings. Of course, this is not true. For example, the world of bluegrass is also dominated by men. Many bluegrass bands are all male, possibly with a female singer. I did a quick google search for images of bluegrass bands and you can see the result here.

Only men play the banjo?

Only men play the banjo?

So a few years ago the women of Della Mae decided to form an all-female band, which is probably more fun than each of them being the only woman in an otherwise male band.

Della Mae does a great job of shattering stereotypes while delivering great show! Thank you, Della Mae!

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