Three searches at SF State Biology Department

29 Sep

Update (Oct 13th): I just learned that there is also a biostatistics search going on the in the Math department!


The Biology Department at SF State is hiring in three areas this year: Physiology, Human Genetics/Genomics and Plant Evolutionary Biology! I am very excited about this, so I thought I share the info on my blog. Please forward the information to people who may qualify for one of the jobs.

As you may know, I joined this department just a few weeks ago, but until now (during the interview process, the negotiations and when starting the job) my experiences have been extremely positive (I wrote about my job earlier here). I strongly encourage you to apply for one of these jobs!

Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions!

About the department

The Biology Department at SF State is by far the most diverse department I have ever seen, and there is motivation to keep increasing the diversity of the faculty. According to our website, we have almost 50 tenured or tenure-track professors in the department and 40% of them are women.

You should know that the Department doesn’t have a PhD program, but it has several Master’s programs. The Master’s students I have in my class this semester are smart and motivated.

Most faculty in the department run active research labs with undergraduate and graduate students and sometimes postdocs. Many have active collaborations with nearby institutions such as Stanford and UCSF. Both research and teaching are highly valued in the department. People are hired with the expectation that they get tenure, and even though I haven’t seen the data, I guess that the rate of getting tenure is around 90%.

To apply

Applications are taken through the Academics Online websites following these links for Physiology, Plant Evolutionary Biology and Human Genetics/Genomics. The committees will start reading applications from October 15th.

You need to prepare the following:

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Research Statement
  4. Teaching Statement
  5. Up to Ten Publications (single merged pdf preferred, note: max four for the physiology job)
  6. Three Reference Letters (you’ll provide names and email addresses and the Academics Online will ask your letter writers for a letter).

Physiology ad

We seek outstanding candidates whose research addresses fundamental areas of physiological research, including, but not limited to, vertebrate or invertebrate comparative physiology, integrative physiology, and environmental or ecological physiology. Responsibilities include teaching an upper-division physiology course with laboratory each year, and other courses in the undergraduate and graduate programs.

Chair of the search committee: Jonathon Stillman, other members: Megumi Fuse and Chris Moffatt

Human Genetics/Genomics ad

We seek candidates from all areas of human genetics and genomics, especially individuals whose interests complement existing departmental strengths in cellular and molecular biology, human health, population genetics and bioinformatics. We are searching for individuals who focus on human epigenetics, reconstructing human history, personalized medicine, health disparities, human genetic diversity, human population genomics, disease mapping, human physiology, or human genome evolution.
Responsibilities include teaching an upper-division genetics or human genetics course, and other courses in the undergraduate and graduate programs. This position is part of a cluster hire in the University focused on Big Data & Health. Other positions within the cluster include scholars in the Department of Economics (Health Economics) and in SF State’s Health Equity Institute (Health Informatics). As part of this cluster, the three hires will be expected to work together on areas of shared interest in order to facilitate interdisciplinary research and curricular collaborations across Departments and Colleges. The new hire may be affiliated with the Health Equity Institute.

Chair of the search committee: Scott Roy , other members: Laetitia Marquez-Magana and Pleuni Pennings.

Plant Evolutionary Biology ad

We seek outstanding candidates who are addressing fundamental problems in plant evolution, especially individuals whose interests complement existing departmental strengths in plant molecular genetics, ecology, and bioinformatics. We are searching for individuals who focus on phylogeny or speciation, aspects of ecological adaptation, population genetics, genomics or phylogeography in an evolutionary context. Responsibilities include teaching an upper-division plant taxonomy course with laboratory each year, and other courses in the undergraduate and graduate programs.

Chair of the search committee: Dennis Desjardin, other members: Kevin Simonin and Gretchen LeBuhn.

Dean of the College

SF State is also searching for a new dean of the College of Science and Engineering!

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