More science communication

2 Mar

If you have read my blog before you know that each month I choose a topic on which I focus for one month. In february I decided to focus on science communication.

I had a few different things on my list for February.

1. I planned to tweet more science things (which I did).

2. I planned to write about science: I wrote a blogpost for Haldane’s Sieve about a new paper on the rate of evolution in HIV. This was fun to do and led to some interesting conversations through email and in real life. If you ever thought of doing some science communication, but don’t want it to become a huge project, I highly recommend writing a blogpost for an existing blog.

3. I wanted to add a new page on to my website about books on HIV/AIDS. The new page is now here. I recommend three books and a movie on HIV/AIDS. Each of them is great, but if you are a scientist, you may enjoy “Impure Science” by Steven Epstein most. Unfortunately, the books and movie I recommend are all relatively old (well, the movie is new, but it is about AIDS activism in the 80s and 90s). I added a link to a 2012 special issue in Science on HIV in the USA, but if anyone has a tip for what book to read about HIV/AIDS in more recent years I’d love to hear from you.

4. My last plan for February was to create two new video’s for two recent papers (one on HIV and one on ants). However, I haven’t even finished one of them! Video’s are much like papers, when you think they are almost finished, you are probably only half way. Therefore, March will also be for communication, just like February was. If things go well, there will two new videos here next month.

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