First post

14 Oct

Welcome to my new blog! I will write here about my work as a scientist, and more specifically about my project to become a “better scientist”. “Better” in this phrase has nothing to do with ethics. It simply means better. I want to be better (than I currently am) at programming, writing papers, communicating about my work, collaborating, and all the other things that make up my work as a scientist.

I have two reasons for starting a blog about becoming a “better scientist”. The first reason is that as I try to become better at things, I will make resolutions and if I write them down and publish them for all of you to see, it is much more likely that I will stick to them.

The second reason for this blog is that I hope my writings could be useful for others. Personally, I love reading about how other people work. Did you know, for example, that E.O. Wilson did a lot of his early thinking while on the train, because his wife didn’t want him to fly when they had young kids? I find that a nice bit of information and it makes me want to take a train and see if the environment is inspiring for me as well. This blog will be my modest contribution to the “how I work” literature.


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